Moriah 1

Gekko Moriah's feat list

courtesy of Great Potato 



Shadow Asgard

Split Thriller Bark in half with a punch (481)

Broke through the mansions wall with a kick, and punched through the wall later. (482)



Outran Luffy across Thriller Bark (469, 473)



Reaction Speed

Reacted to Robin mid clutch (477)

Reacted to Diable Jambe (477)



Took Luffy's stamp with nothing to show for it. (463)

Tanked a thunder bolt tempo (475)

Takes a direct nightmare pistol to the face, followed immediately by a nightmare storm (479)

Took a punch to the gut from Jinbe (559)


Shadow Asgard

Took a jet rocket to the gut, followed by a jet bazooka (482)

Took a blow to the gut from a gear stacked jet shell, followed by another jet shell to the same spot, and was finally defeated when Thriller Bark's mast landed on top of him (482)



Gets back up to fight, after being struck by a nightmare pistol and storm (481)

Shown in perfect condition after his skirmish with Jinbe (562)



Kage Kage no mi

Doppleman-Strong enough to smash through metal gratings, able to reform when split apart (463),and is able to switch locations with Moria at any time (477)

Brick bat-Fast enough to intercept all of the hits from Luffy's gatling,and are capable of launching counter attacks (463)

Shadow manipulation- Doppleman can insert himself in a shadow, and bend it to his will (476)

Tsuno Tokage- Capable of plowing straight through Oars Jr. (555)

Can steal a persons shadow (455), and use it to animate a corpse (455), or use as a powerup (476)



Giant Scissors- Can be seperated and used a swords (455, 559)



Earned a position as one of the seven schichibukai (448)

In his prime he was said to have battled Kaidou (483).  According to Aohige (Moria went toe-to-toe with him)

He was attacked by 11th division commander Curiel (562), and was shown unharmed a chapter later.- Which means he either blocked it, dodged it, or tanked it (563)

Moria wasn't on par with the remaining shichibukai (581)