Kuro 1

Captain Kuro- 16 million berries

Captain of the Black Cat Pirates

In round 1, voters seem to fall into either of two camps, Kuro or Krieg.  Kuro won the most 1st place votes but Krieg won the most top 4 votes and in the end Krieg beat Kuro in a rather large margin as the champion of the first round.

I supposed Kuro fall victim to being one of the earlier creations of Oda sensei in which I meant there is certainly a lack of depth in his character design.  Oda's creativity would improve exponentially as the series progressed, but Kuro is sort of forgettable as a villain.  Calm and intellectual, Kuro stood as the smartest person in all of East Blue after Benn Beckman of the Red Hair pirates left for the New World.

At time Kuro seemed much deadlier and lethal than Buggy and or Krieg.  With his signature stealth foot technique, Shakushi, Kuro achieved cipher pol super human speed feat make possible by his powerful legs.  Combine with his signature cat claws composed of 10 full length katana blades, Kuro could easily massacre a crowd before anyone can react.  But when examine closer, his technique is full of holes.  For one, he can't control his movement efficiently.  Secondly, it doesn't seem he does much damage against people that have some endurance feat.  Luffy didn't even look too bother by the damages he received from Kuro.  Kuro also showed to be somewhat resilient, but his endurance feat is below a few of the same tier.  The fact is that he lost to Luffy rather easily and he didn't took much hit from Luffy.  But if the opponents have no way to catch this cat, then they could be in for quite a surprise. 

Notable battles:

-Massacre a group of East Blue marines including a younger captain Morgan

-Out maneuver Sham and Buchi  

-Lost to East Luffy in a rather easy fight

Weapons: Cat claws composed of 10 full length katana blades

Physical feats: Super human speed (Shakushi), somewhat above average endurance, powerful legs with powerful kicks 

Tournament record:

-Round 1: 2/20 (75 pt) advance

-Round 2.1: 5/15 (27 pt) out