Welcome to the One Piece Colosseum

Most of the pictures used are of various secondary sources like tumblr; hence some of the time, I don't know who is the original artist.  For the ones that I know, I put a link to the artists' original website in the description of the picture.  If I used your art, please send me a link to your website so I can either happily and properly credit you and or take them down.  Uncredit pics: all the ones from game/manga (which credit goes to Oda), Eustass Kid, Rob Lucci, and Buggy (so far I will continue to search for the original source).

New World Legends (A, A+, S)

New World Elites (B-, B, B+, A-)

Paradise Supernovas (C, C+, B-)

Paradise Elites (D+, C-)

East Blue Elites (D, D+)